The Diner en Blanc® The Netherlands is above all a warm and surprising encounter of people who find themselves amidst old and new friends. People who want to celebrate life!

The Diner en Blanc® The Netherlands starts at home. All participants, called ´Picknickeurs´, prepare a cold, three courses diner that proudly can be called ´Haute Cuisine´ indeed. It is a 'prêt-à-servir´ diner that is carried in an elegant pick nick basket, accompanied by excellent wines.

At a predefined time, the Picknickeurs come together to get on the bus. They take two small chairs and a small table with them and depart towards a particular destination in the public space in the centre of a city. This destination is not disclosed in advance. Even not to the participants themselves. Upon arrival, the participants disembark together at once to prepare their table in about ten minutes according to a detailed site plan. Then they enjoy a lively dinner; a few surprises and performances are a recurring element of the event. The public site is finally left behind without leaving a single trace. As if nothing happened there that evening.

The ‘Picknickeurs’ are dressed in elegant white clothes. The only coloured accessories are the flowers that people bring along. The Diner en Blanc® The Netherlands has a private character. The participants are invited ‘à titre personnel’ by a secret and dense network of ‘Chefs de Bus’. Participation is confidential. The Diner en Blanc® The Netherlands is a culinary artistic statement in its sole purity, with no ties to commerce, charity or politics.